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Polyanna | Cut Out Heroes

The first video recording from TROPOS 2.0 is Cut Out Heroes‘s track “Polyanna”. This was their first show after a brief hiatus due to personal commitments from the band members and they sure did impress! They will also be performing…

TROPOS 2.0 Highlights

We had an amazing time hosting Yong Belar from Malaysia and Singaporean acts, Radiant Archery and Cut Out Heroes for another night of diverse albeit heavier dose of instrumental music at the cozy and intimate The Analog Factory in Woodlands….

Surface: Cut Out Heroes

After a year of hiatus since their last live appearance at Anaki Records Live-O Five-O, Cut Out Heroes will be making a comeback at TROPOS 2.0 playing alongside bands such as Yong Belar from Malaysia and another local act, Radiant Archery at…