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Scene: Cross Border Series: Malaya

If you have been following us for a while now, our passion for instrumental music is definitely obvious based on the gigs we do and the artists we frequently share about. We have always been specifically advocating the richness of…

SCENE: The Sibei Series Volume 1

If you’re looking for a night of local and regional instrumental music on a Saturday night, head down to The Music Parlour this Saturday for the very first series of “The Sibei Series” hosted by local instrumental outfit, Arkentree. The colloquialism…

Surface: This Is Atlantis

We have been trying our hardest to rope in the following band we are featuring in this piece ever since our inaugural show earlier this year. However, bad timing and unfortunate circumstances meant that the opportunity to do so never materialised….

Dingin | Yong Belar

The third live recording from TROPOS 2.0 is Yong Belar‘s track “Dingin” from their EP Menular. Produced and edited by Sidetrack Productions for Atmos (http://www.atmos.sg).  

Album Review: Tom’s Story “Self-titled”

Playful, euphorically erratic though prone to bouts of introspection. Chill, I’m not reliving your teenage youth. That ship has sailed m’boy! No, those exact words are actually a pretty apt description of Tom’s Story. Tuning in to their sound feels…