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Photos: TROPOS 1.0

TROPOS 1.0 Inspirative, Earthmover, Paint The Sky Red and Arajua 20th of February 2016 Hood Bar and Cafe Pictures are from Benita Leong (Bandwagon –http://www.bandwagon.asia/articles/photo-gallery-tropos-1-0-featuring-inspirative-paint-the-sky-red-earthmover-arajua) and Dave Lim.

Three/Chasing Reverie | Earthmover

Our third live recording from TROPOS 1.0 is Earthmover‘s “Three” followed by “Chasing Reverie” It was a pleasure to host these dudes from the Philippines, expect them to come to our shores again real soon! Produced and edited by Sidetrack…

Surface: Earthmover

We are delighted to bring down one of the Philippines exciting post-rock acts, Earthmover, to Singapore for their second appearance in our city state. They will be one of the regional instrumental acts gracing our event TROPOS 1.0 which is happening…