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We have been trying our hardest to rope in the following band we are featuring in this piece ever since our inaugural show earlier this year. However, bad timing and unfortunate circumstances meant that the opportunity to do so never materialised. Therefore we are indeed glad to finally have This Is Atlantis on board our final show of the year, TROPOS 5.0.

Starting out in 2007, This Is Atlantis has gained a sizeable following locally and regionally with their brand of atmospheric soundscapes. Their excellent 2014 release, “Civilizations” propelled them to further notability with lovers of the instrumental genre.

Relatively quiet in the scene, playing only a few shows per year, we reached out to the quartet via e-mail to learn about the history of the band and their future plans.

Share with us a short history of TIA. When did you start writing music as a band?

We started out in 2007 and just wrote songs till about 2009 which led to the release with Nazark on CD in 2010 and another split 7″ with Daighila (MY) in 2012. In time, we grew as a band in terms of influence and that led to the release of our 12″ EP “Civilizations” which is a much groovier affair compared to previous releases and been going in that direction since.

Who were your early influences and how did they reflect the material that you have produced so far?

All of us have varied tastes and influences in music and if we were to talk about early, then it will be the basic instrumental bands like mogwai or tortoise. Fast forward, all of us grew up and have different perspectives, we go for different approaches and styles. The foundation of our early influences are still there but our materials/songs we’ve created are totally different due to everchanging tastes.

You released a snippet of your new track “Utopian Vision” on Facebook in early April, will we be expecting any new material from you guys soon?

We will be releasing a 2 track 10″ EP soon. (in its test press phase now) and hopefully to release it by March 2017. We always have a weird process when it comes to releasing our stuff so we see how it goes this time round.

Juggling your career and family life with your passion in making music, could you share with us some of the struggles or even achievements all of you have gained out of this journey as a band?

If you are passionate about making music, you will try your best and your means to make time for it and utilize the time given. The four of us have a common understanding knowing that sometimes we are just too busy with our families and work. Its not really a struggle. It is already an achievement that we have gone this far despite our busy schedule.

Lastly, if there were two regional bands that you would love to play alongside with, who would they be and why?

Killeur Calculateur (MY) – These guys are just “Killeur” with their groovy post punk tunes.
Bara Suara (IND) – Their song arrangements are just superb with excellent ethnic tunes.

TROPOS 5.0 is in 2 days time! Check out Siberian together with Man Under Zero Effort, As Rusty Empyrean and The Psalms at The Analog Factory in SCAPE on the 24th of December from 6pm onwards! Entry at the door for $12.

This Is Atlantis: Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram

Surface pieces are interviews with individuals or collectives that makes up the local or regional creative scene. 

*featured image taken from This Is Atlantis’s FB page, image from Jensen Ching.

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