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If you have been living in a cave without any internet connection, we have some news to share! ATMOS will be supporting Tapestry with the launch of their LP i hope you never find me at The Music Salon this 3rd of June 2016 from 6pm onwards.

Tapestry is made up of Hafiz, Fashhan and Fhamy. Three guys who are heavily influenced by confessional lyrics and twinkling guitars. i hope you never find me will be the band’s first ever full release after being together for almost 4 years. They have also toured the UK in 2014 playing in venues around Canterbury, Norwich,Nottingham, Manchester and Swansea.

Listen to their LP “i hope you never find me” here:


Before their LP launch this Friday night, we reached out to Hafiz to ask a few questions about the new record and his thoughts on the “emo” genre.

This is your first full release after almost being together for 4 years. What are some of the memorable moments you guys have had together as a band?

Touring. Meeting people on the road. The thing about touring is that you meet certain people that you probably won’t meet again yet the bond is strong. Music connects people. Labels around the globe helping us out by just the sound of our music. It is a bittersweet feeling that lasts a lifetime.

You mentioned on your Facebook page recently that all your releases have been on analog format ever since you started out, why is that so?

We didn’t choose it to be that way. The labels and friends that have helped us released our music all these while believes in analog purity. No hate on digital, I still buy CDs! We’re still open to have a full length CD. But to have music on vinyl is really cool. It sounds so much better and you really have to sit down and listen to it. And you cant skip the track. So in a way you’ll have the feel of the whole record.

Share with us the writing process of “i hope you never find me”, what is the significance of the full length name “i hope you never find me”?

“i hope you never find me” is a continuation of our previous e.p “an invisible boundary, a set distance” hence there are 2 tracks of the same name featured on our l.p. I dont wanna sound overly dramatic and say it is a conceptual album but lyrically the songs revolve around themes such as spiritual anxiety, coping with solitude and being confused with myself and the people i’ve met along the way. It is called “i hope you never find me” because after every thing that happened i feel that sometimes its better to just draw a line between certain parts of my life for closure and keep a safe distance from them for my own well being. I know it sounds selfish but that is what i honestly feel.

You guys have been the purveyor of the “emo” genre and have stuck with it ever since you guys started as a band. Why is the genre so important to you?

There are so many waves of “emo” music. And it gets confusing to be honest. The bands that we are influenced by don’t even call themselves that. But one thing we’re certain is that these indie bands from the mid-90s had a particular sound that we really admire. Bands like Mineral, Sunny Day Real Estate, Jimmy Eat World, The Get up Kids and Rainer Maria just to name a few. The confessional lyrics and loud-soft dynamics made the genre very special to us. And also the DIY ethics of the said community.

Lastly, what can we expect from your LP Launch this Friday?

Don’t expect anything. Expectations ruin you. We’re just gonna play like how we usually play. But with a brand new set list.

Bonus question, why are you sorry to Alycia? What did she do to you? (referring to one of the tracks title in the new LP)

Hahahah. I don’t think we’ll ever play that song live. Despite the serious tone of the song, it is purely about infatuation. Alycia is a name of a pop star from Indonesia. I saw her and was head over heels for her. I said “sorry” because I had to go to national service and can’t go to Indonesia as much to watch her sing anymore. When I wrote it i was really into her. It was stupid. She’s just a pretty face. And a pretty face is just a phase. I don’t even know her. Thats the thing about writing a song. It is a time stamp of what you feel about the current moment. But when you listen to it back  you might not be the same person that you were  when you first wrote the song.

Tapestry’s LP launch will also feature the likes of Istilah, Kaji, Xingfoo&Roy and Long Live The Empire. Tickets will be available at the door. Door will open at 6pm.

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Tapestry: Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp


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