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One of our local acts for TROPOS 4.0, Siberian, have been around since 2008. Lack of opportunities playing locally meant that they are an unknown in the local instrumental scene.

The three piece – made up of Muhd Farhan, Muhd Irfan and Muhd Indera – released their debut self-titled EP on Bandcamp earlier this year and that was how we at ATMOS first noticed them. Infusing a myriad of genres into your tracks shows a particular skill that a band possess, and that is adaptability.

With this series of TROPOS focusing on the instrumental genre with a tinge of technicality, Siberian are perfect for the line-up. We reached out to their guitarist, Farhan, to learn more about the band.

How did you guys come together to form Siberian? What is the significance of the name?

My bassist, Irfan and myself met in secondary school and we’ve had a couple of changes in the drummer line-up over the years. Our current drummer, Indera met us through In 2008, we wanted a name which resonates with the sound we’re producing. We were thinking back then that if you were to ask someone what’s Siberia, you will receive different answers. Some might say it’s a country, some will say state or county or vast undefined land etc and we like that. We could, I guess, relate that to the sounds we make and living in a country where foreign is regarded as talent then we’ll strive to be as foreign as we can be.

Share with us the writing process of your debut EP which was released earlier this year. What were some of the challenges you faced when recording the EP?

Being a bedroom guitarist, most of the parts were done with a looper pedal. I would write the bass parts and then stack the melody on top of it. It was a process of repeating and improving until I was satisfied that it sounded good and then the band will jam together to fine tune and figure out the drums. Apart from that, my phone has helped me a lot in times of need. You’ll never know when a new riff/melody will appear and it helped that you can hummed it in on the spot and record it before figuring it out on guitar.

Being a DIY record, the main challenges we faced was to get the tracks sounding as professional as we could. All of the tracks were recorded in my home studio and as we didn’t want it to sound raw, a lot was done to ensure it sounds alright. Tutorials from YouTube helped a lot haha.

Who are some of the major influences to the bands’ sound?

I would say there are many influences to our sound. Bands that play multiple genres but yet you can identify their signature sound. To name a few would be Scale The Summit, Plini, And So I Watch You From Afar, The Aristocrats, Between The buried and Me.  

If there are two tracks that you think everyone should listen to from Siberian, what are they and why?

I would say the opener of the EP called “micronautical” and the closer of the album titled “travelators“. They embody the sound we’re aiming to achieve which is to incorporate different genres and if you dig those then hopefully, you’ll like the rest of the songs in between.

Having been around for quite some time now, what are your thoughts on the local music scene?

I personally think it’s good and ever growing. Diverse types of music are available and plenty of talents around. Also, thanks to social media, it is easier to spread your music through Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp. (Reminiscing and face palming at MySpace and Purevolume days haha)

Lastly, if you could pick 2 regional acts to play alongside with, who would they be and why?

I would say apart from the upcoming lineup for TROPOS 4.0, it would be This Is Atlantis and Dirgahayu for now. Mad talent from those guys. We are also thankful and appreciative of any chance of performing as we get to experience and be surprised by other bands that we’ve not come across or heard of before, so many thanks to the guys at ATMOS for this interview and the gig! 🙂

TROPOS 4.0 is in 3 days time! Check out Siberian together with Mutesite, Fictional Character and T-Rex at The Analog Factory in SCAPE on the 17th of September from 6pm onwards! Entry at the door for $12.

Check out Siberian’s jamming to their beautiful track “Evangeline” below:

Siberian: Facebook | Bandcamp | Youtube

Surface pieces are interviews with individuals or collectives that makes up the local or regional creative scene. 

*featured image taken from Siberian’s FB page.

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