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TROPOS 4.0 is happening in less than a week! We are excited to welcome mutesite to our shores for the first time together with Fictional Character, Siberian and T-Rex at The Analog Factory in SCAPE on the 17th of September 2016.

mutesite – made up of Anthony, Purnama, Jolynn, Jie Er and Karim – first caught our attention with the release of “Trails In Motion” earlier this year on their bandcamp. Their debut EP, re:startimpressed us so much that we even did a review of it! You can read our review here.

We reached out to Anthony and Jolynn with a few questions to learn more about the band and how excited they are to perform in Singapore.

What’s the significance of the name “mutesite”? How did you guys come about to form the band?

J: We are an instrumental band, that itself represented “mute” because we do not have a vocalist. Whereas “site” represents a place where you have the freedom of interpreting our music. There is no right or wrong. Everyone has different interpretations of our songs, and we would like to keep it open ended. The band initially started out as a project band. I had songs written and wanted to expand it in a band setting. But as we progressed further into the project, we just knew that we wanted it to be more than just a project band. It was an understanding that this direction (though undefined), was the start of mutesite (also related to the naming of our EP, re:start).

How would you describe your music to those who are unfamiliar with your band?

J: The only accurate word would be “instrumental”. That leaves a very general viewpoint of how our music actually is… but we couldn’t really identify ourselves as a strict sub-genre. Many call us post-rock, some call us math-rock. We don’t think we fit either the descriptions, but perhaps a crossbreed.

A: (laughs) I will like to call our music ‘happy, sad and feelings you can’t describe when life happens”

Ever since the release of “Trails in Motion” earlier this year, your band has gained considerable support for your style of music. Are you guys surprised by the reaction?

J: We were very hopeful when we released the song. To get such a positive response is indeed overwhelming. Surprised? Definitely. It’s like pestering our parents for a gameboy when we were little, and the reaction when they finally agreed to buy one.

Who are you guys greatly influenced by?

J: All of us listen to various types of music. We used to be greatly influenced by big instrumental bands like Totorro, Chon, LITE, tricot, toe, Mouse On The Keys, etc. I wouldn’t say the same for now though. We have had our drummer and bassist changed. Our style of music shifts when there is a change in the lineup, because everyone tends to listen to different things. We share, we learn, and we are influenced differently. And when all gels together, it became, just us.

How excited are you to be coming to Singapore to perform?? What will be the very first thing you would look out for when you arrive?

A: It will be our first show out of the country, and this show actually has been a long time coming. I spoke to Adam earlier this year where he was interested in bringing us down, but the timing and the band situation wasn’t quite right then. We’re now ready and extremely excited about coming to Singapore. The boys (Karim and Purnama AKA KarMa) are on a hunt for Sup Tulang and catching up with friends. As a band, we’re all really looking forward to catching up with our Singaporean friends. And will probably want to hit the local music shops. 

Lastly, if you have the opportunity to choose 2 regional bands to perform alongside yourself, who would they be and why?

A: Regional bands, hmmm, my first choice would be tide/edit from the Philippines, the guitarist, Clarence and I talk frequently about our respective country’s music scene and he’s played quite a vital role to me as an advisor and friend. They’re just a killer band and it’ll be my dream to play alongside them, whenever that day might be. Second choice, would probably be Two Million Thanks from Thailand. I don’t know them personally but i just find their music really interesting. 

J: I would say, Run Dorothy from the Philippines. I recently heard their album on bandcamp. I’m really liking the ‘math pop’ elements to their songs. It’s something about the Philippines and this genre, the bands coming outta there are top notch. My second choice would be Charlie Lim. I know it’s vastly different, but his songs are intriguingly soothing and haunting at the same time. 

When you really get down to it, the array of talent in our region is massive. ATMOS remains a purveyor of local and regional music and TROPOS 4.0 is a culmination of about a year’s effort to bring in exciting local and regional acts together for an experience one will never forget. To bring in acts such as mutesite and pairing them together with some of our amazing local talent is a blessing and a humble opportunity we cannot turn down! If you have an interest in the instrumental genre with a tinge of technicality, do come down for TROPOS 4.0. More details for TROPOS 4.0 can be found here.

If you require further proof to catch mutesite live on the 17th of September, check out the live video of them performing the track “Trails in Motion” below!

Mutesite: FacebookInstagram | Bandcamp | Twitter

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*featured image taken from Mutesite’s FB page by All Is Amazing.

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