Exclusive EP Stream: “Primordial” by Permanence

One of the many objectives of ATMOS as a collective is to provide a platform for new bands to showcase their work to people who genuinely find pleasure discovering talent in genres such as “post-rock”. Ever since ATMOS was birthed, it has truly been a tough time to advocate that message to the masses due to certain reasons beyond our control.

With that however, we often find our dwindling passion light up again when a new instrumental band appears out of nowhere and impress us from the first listen. That new band we’re talking about is PERMANENCE.

Permanence comprises of sibling duo Irfan Ramli and Hydhir Ramli. Despite being a twosome, the band manages to attain a sound that blends jarring textures, odd-time signatures with elements of post-rock while embellishing layer of emotions to the common themes of the human condition and the infinite. If it isn’t obvious enough, the name of the band was taken off from their relation since birth.

We are therefore very glad to be given the opportunity to stream their debut EP “Primordial” in full before their official release on other platforms on 21 April 2017. The stunning release is a culmination of emotions jam packed in atmospheric soundscapes and constricted rhythms to form a highly promising debut EP from the duo.

Stream the EP below:

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