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Album Review: sub:shaman “Apnea”

sub:shaman’s Apnea would probably be the soundtrack of your weird and unexplainable dream if you were to have one. Evident to the music video of their first single, “A-Hole”, it documents the story (or should I say ‘dreams’) of an…

Live Review: The fin. at Millian

For someone who has never been to Millian before, I was quite impressed with the venue. Where the show is being held at does play a part – albeit a minor one – to how the show will turn out….

Album Review: Tom’s Story “Self-titled”

Playful, euphorically erratic though prone to bouts of introspection. Chill, I’m not reliving your teenage youth. That ship has sailed m’boy! No, those exact words are actually a pretty apt description of Tom’s Story. Tuning in to their sound feels…