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Surface: Bakers In Space

A teaspoon of post-psychedelia, a sprinkle of indie rock and four friends were the main ingredients to form Bakers in Space. The quartet is made up of Eugene Soh, Amirul Hakim, Ernest Foo, and Hafi Zainor. What started out as…

Album Review: sub:shaman “Apnea”

sub:shaman’s Apnea would probably be the soundtrack of your weird and unexplainable dream if you were to have one. Evident to the music video of their first single, “A-Hole”, it documents the story (or should I say ‘dreams’) of an…

Live Review: The fin. at Millian

For someone who has never been to Millian before, I was quite impressed with the venue. Where the show is being held at does play a part – albeit a minor one – to how the show will turn out….