Album Review: Subsonic Eye “Strawberry Feels”

Is music bound to mature over time, like characters within a novel do? Witnessing to Subsonic Eye’s almost celestial opening for Yuck a couple months ago, there is growing evidence that there’s truth in that question. Also if we’re to buy into Taylor Swift’s theory of music as a means to convey emotions/experiences, then the shared experiences of Subsonic Eye provides fertile ground for their craft. (ps: we’d pay for songs about vomiting dragon fruit).

Their latest full-length album “Strawberry Feels is a far cry from their first ever single, ‘I Wish I Was Floating Instead’. They’ve shed their lo-fi limitations, preferring to drench the listener with a one-two gut punch of nostalgic feels. Simultaneously catchy enough to dance to, but with just the right dose of haziness that’ll paralyze you into a fever dream. Apparently that’s like their manifesto; happy music for sad people. And damn, do they wear it in stride!

In an earlier interview, Subsonic Eye lists their influences from a mishmash of genres, though Turnover did stick out a lot aurally in Strawberry Feels. Maybe its personal preference seeping out into this review, but the saccharine guitars and low-key drums within ‘You in the Pleasant Things’ stray into the RFC records territory at times.

The band’s maturity is evident in ‘178’, a mellowed out rainy-mood-esque tune that offers a moment’s respite for shuffling feet. Soothing synths echo in ‘Early Girl’ though it ends far too abruptly. I could honestly really see the song being fleshed out further, made whole. Almost as reconciliation, ‘Cosmic Realignment’ is by far the stand out track. It’s the perfect marriage of synths, brooding bass and dreamy guitars that aptly characterizes Subsonic Eye’s distinct sound.

‘The stars looks different, never like last night’s.’

Its songs like these that provokes us to wonder what stories lie behind each. In a way, the experiences and events that birthed this album is lost to all, but themselves. If you’re into dreamy soundscapes, the multi-dimensionality of human nature and nostalgic trips, you’ll like, maybe even love, Strawberry Feels.

Released under the amazing local record label, Middle Class Cigars, “Strawberry Feels” is an album worth getting.

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