About Us

Artist Management | Record Label | Event Production

An ATMOS Initiative is a Singapore-based independent record label focusing on soundscapes that allows listeners to perceive, contemplate and dictate what they are listening.

Starting out as an editorial website called ATMOS back in early 2016, this change in direction reflects the natural progression for the collective with a keen interest in promoting local and regional talent to a discerning crowd. This discerning crowd we are referring to are people who have a keen ear for the experimental and easily fascinated by genres such as post-rock, math-rock or anything along these lines.

Additionally, we have also organised music gigs featuring local, regional and international acts since 2016 and we intend to continue doing so hence if you are keen to collaborate on any exciting projects or just wish to say hi, send your greetings to [email protected].

Check out the list of the shows that we have done here.