About Us

ATMOS is about providing a voice to anyone who deserves a chance to have their voices heard.

Part editorial, part promoters. ATMOS seeks satisfaction in bringing local, regional and international creative talents together for an experience one will never forget.

Based in Singapore, ATMOS is made up of 4 individuals who are either studying or holding regular day jobs like everyone else. As much as we’d like to update this page as often as possible, sometimes the realities of life takes precedence over content creation.

Other than the 4 of us, we do have content writers who contributes willingly during their free time. If you wish to be one of them, simply head on here and follow the instructions.

As you may have noticed, most of our content currently are musical acts based locally and regionally. We’d love to expand to other forms of entertainment such as theatre and film but that’s not our area of “expertise”. Therefore, do reach out to us if you wish to contribute in those areas!